May Half Term


Squawks Olympics!

Saturday 28th May – Sunday 5th June 

Come and see our amazing squawk birds Bonita and Diaz as they host an exciting daily programme of games and activities in our lower valley - It's our very own 'Squawk Olympics' and everyone's invited to get involved.

Back by popular demand, is our Squawk Splash Attack! Take part in our Splash Attack Battle-throw water balloons at the opposing teams targets to fill the bucket underneath with water, and the team who fills it with the most water wins! Or take part in our Splash Attack Thow’n’Catch! How good are your catching skills - good? Wait until you try and catch a water balloon! 

Then join Team Bonita or Team Diaz and race around the Squawks Hopper Challenge! The winners will be the team who gets all of their hoppers through the finish line first!

Then finish your day on the Squawks Knockout Course! Come and have a go on our very own giant inflatable obstacle course! 

More details to follow.